Boston Tech and Design Events: November

Posted by Knar Bedian on Nov 2, 2017 11:44:22 AM

Though Thanksgiving week will be a quiet one (everyone should be busy eating turkey and stuffing, after all) the rest of this month is packed with opportunities to hear succesful women share their career path, participate in hackathons, or hear more about voice-based digital interactions. Oh, and the inlaws aren't the only ones in town this month; the voice of Siri will be in Boston for SwiftFest 2017.

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Hello, Server-Side Swift

Posted by Logan Wright on Mar 14, 2016 12:58:42 PM

Server-side Swift has been an exciting prospect ever since Apple officially released an open source Linux-compatible version. My curiosity finally got the better of me, and it was time to give it a try.

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Swift Optionals: How Swift “Defines Away” Common Programming Errors…Sort Of

Posted by Matt Bridges on Jun 3, 2015 2:27:00 PM

Eight pages in to Apple’s new Swift language book, there’s a passing mention of “optional” values, and how these values can be nil. What you might have missed is that this also means that non-optional types can never be nil. Coming from Objective-C or even Java or C#, this may seem surprising (it was for me):

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