Webinar Series: Making IoT Accessible

Posted by Knar Bedian on Feb 25, 2016 3:40:23 PM

With so many different networks, sensors, and hubs on the market, home automation can be intimidating. But bringing IoT into the home doesn’t have to be complicated– it can take the form of a simple, smart device like an air freshener.

P&G’s Febreze Home air freshener is a home automation device for the mass market, a project we worked to design and develop. Creating a connected, smart solution can mean tackling new challenges, which is why we put together a series of webinars that reviewed our learnings.

In the first, “Making IoT Accessible: How P&G is Pioneering High Tech Solutions in Consumer Markets,” we discuss the technicalities: from the principles of a mesh network to building a dependable architecture.

But creating an approachable smart product for consumers – who aren’t necessarily early adopters – requires implementing an intuitive, effective user experience. In our webinar “Approachable Home Automation: Designing Intuitive UX for the Febreze Home,” we’ll review the importance of a Discovery process, how to run a design sprint to extract valuable feedback, and more. 


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How Procter & Gamble is Delivering High Tech Solutions in Consumer Markets

Wednesday, March 16th, 12pm EST


Approachable Home Automation: Designing Intuitive UX for the Febreze Home

Thursday, March 17th, 12pm EST

Update: Postponed to Wednesday, May 4th, 12pm EST

Topics: Mobile, Design, Internet of Things