2006 vs. 2016: Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Posted by Lexie Lu on Oct 3, 2016 10:07:52 AM

Are you waiting for the full virtual reality experience? Upset you can’t drive a flying car yet? Still want a hoverboard that actually hovers?

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Topics: VR, Technology, Bluetooth

Press Release: WBUR Debuts First-of-its-Kind Mobile Listening App

Posted by Knar Bedian on Sep 20, 2016 2:00:20 PM

Intrepid partnered with local NPR station WBUR to release all-new mobile listening apps. Below is the official press release.

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Topics: app release, radio, WBUR

Your Guide to Launching a Digital Health Innovation

Posted by Ulker Guluzadeh on Sep 13, 2016 2:29:27 PM

Launching a functional, intuitive, and successful application or mobile device is a difficult task, but doing so in the healthcare space is further complicated by the number of stakeholders and industry regulations. We compiled this guide to provide recommendations for outlining, developing, and launching a successful digital health application.

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Topics: Healthcare, Digital health

The Challenges of IoT in Healthcare

Posted by Ulker Guluzadeh on Aug 16, 2016 10:32:38 AM

In my post on the Digital Healthcare Landscape, I discussed how technology is changing the ways in which the healthcare industry diagnoses, monitors, and treats patients. Today, I’d like to address some of the big challenges and risks involved in the industry, to give a better understanding of why digital transformation in this space can seem like a daunting undertaking for many companies.

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Topics: IoT, Healthcare, Digital health

MacGuyver Episode 1: NFC Doorbell

Posted by Guy Dupont on Jul 29, 2016 4:13:48 PM

I don’t have all that much in common with Angus MacGyver; he's the legendary secret agent who duct-taped and hot-wired his way through 139 action-packed TV episodes. I’m Guy, an Android developer who sits on a purple yoga ball for eight hours every day. What we do share is a knack for building useful things from limited resources.

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Topics: Hacks, NFC, Hardware

Understanding Virtual Experiences: The Differences Between VR, MR, and AR

Posted by Knar Bedian on Jul 25, 2016 10:55:09 AM

The buzz surrounding Virtual Reality (VR) has not let up, and it won’t anytime soon; research firms like Gartner estimate VR is likely to hit mainstream adoption in the next couple of years.

Let’s take a look at the types of digital realities that currently exist, and how they differ from each other. Currently there are three major types of virtual experiences: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

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Topics: Virtual Reality, VR, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, MR, AR

An Honest UX Critique of Pokémon Go

Posted by Akhil Dakinedi on Jul 12, 2016 11:42:09 AM

from a longtime fan and mobile designer

Midnight Battles

I was sitting in bed at midnight on a rainy Saturday night admiring my catch of the day -- a high-CP Vaporeon caught at Harvard Yard earlier that morning. Outside my house, I saw that a friendly gym was being attacked by an enemy team.

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Topics: Mobile, Design, Pokémon

Healthcare Transformation: An Overview of the Digital Health Landscape

Posted by Ulker Guluzadeh on Jul 6, 2016 4:18:50 PM

Following the 2016 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and the company’s announcements about extended (and improved!) capabilities for both its watchOS 3.0 and HealthKit in the upcoming iOS 10, those in the health tech space should be excited. The industry has seen a lot of investment in the past few years – $4.5bn only in 2015 with as much as $32bn of growth projected within the next decade. The recent HealthKit improvements are yet another sign of why a wide range of organizations – startups and government institutions alike – have increased their investment into building, enhancing, and streamlining all aspects of healthcare with the help of digital technology.

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Topics: Healthcare, Digital health

Google Cardboard: Building Agency into a VR Experience

Posted by Bryan Weber on Jun 17, 2016 11:15:43 AM

If you are looking to dip your toe into the world of Virtual Reality development, Google Cardboard is the logical place to start. The Unity integration is easy and the headsets are cheap– if not free, if you eat at McDonalds (and live in Sweden). Without a ton of work you can get a VR app running on a iOS or Android device.  

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Topics: Virtual Reality, VR, Google Cardboard, Android

J.A.R.V.I.S. is Real: The Social, Connected, AI-integrated Home

Posted by Caroline Murphy on Jun 1, 2016 1:02:42 PM

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Connected Home Summit in Boston, MA. The conference is new to the Boston tech scene, and was held in conjunction with the Deep Learning Summit, which took place in the ballroom next door. The crossover was appropriate, since so much of what’s happening in the connected home space recently has a great deal to do with advanced applications of machine learning.

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Topics: IoT, home automation, Boston Connected Home Summit

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