Intrepid's App for the Febreze Home

Posted by Caroline Murphy on Jan 15, 2016 11:45:03 AM

Last week Intrepid was among thousands of companies showcasing the latest innovative technology at the thirteenth annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Over the years, CES has become the largest tech event in the US.

The big hits at the show included virtual reality, connected cars, wearables, and other smart-devices. The prevailing theme was clear; the future looks connected, and app-controlled.

At Intrepid, that’s a welcome direction for our industry, as we have been developing apps that communicate with connected products, both for clients as well as for recreation, for years. Our experience has paid off– our latest Internet of Things project, the Febreze Home app which we developed for our client Procter & Gamble, was very well-received by the media at this year’s CES.

The Febreze Home app was developed using Thread technology– a secure home-device protocol that serves as an alternative to Bluetooth and WiFi. Thread was developed by seven founding companies, including Nest, Samsung, Silicon Labs, and others. We’ve worked with Thread a lot in the past, and the Febreze Home app is our third Thread project in the last year.Intrepid_PnG_Febreze_Connected_Home_app.jpg

The Febreze Home device is hitting shelves for consumers in early summer, but pre-orders have already begun on the Febreze Home website. Fortune magazine likened the development of a smart air-freshener to the democratization of the connected home, saying it was “opening up the connected home to a wider audience,” while PC Mag named the Febreze Home one of “The Smartest Connected Home Products at CES 2016.”

We’re thrilled to be a part of the connected home movement, and can’t wait to show off the app’s beautiful functionality as pre-orders become available.

Topics: Mobile, Internet of Things